[Announcement] Kyber 3.0: Architecture Revamp, DMM, KNC Migration Proposal

We are excited to announce Kyber 3.0, an upgrade which will transition Kyber from a single protocol into a hub of purpose-driven liquidity protocols catered to different DeFi use cases. This will be the biggest change to Kyber’s architecture since its inception, including
:white_check_mark:Launch of a fully permissionless Kyber Dynamic Market Maker (DMM)
:white_check_mark:Multi-quote pairs, stablecoin-stablecoin trades for better liquidity
:white_check_mark:Proposal for a KyberDAO + KNC Token Migration and Upgrade

Learn more: https://blog.kyber.network/kyber-3-0-architecture-revamp-dynamic-mm-and-knc-migration-proposal-acae41046513
Discord: https://discord.gg/HdXWUb2pQM


All the initiatives are well thought and very cool. Excited for what comes ahead for Kyber Network.

Along with the token migration, I think some token inflation would be necessary for liquidity mining/yield farming to incentivise liquidity and increase the TVL. :slight_smile: Jusg to confirm, that is part of the plan, right?


This is definitely a possibility. The upgrade will allow the DAO to support different initiatives, including (but not limited to) issuing more KNCs to support LMs, fund new projects that benefit the kyber ecosystem and other marketing strategies.