[Announcement] Kyber Ecosystem Report #25 (Mar'21)

Kyber Ecosystem Report #25 (Mar’21)
:small_blue_diamond:Kyber DMM beta goes LIVE, with extremely high capital efficiency and optimised returns for DeFi liquidity providers! $22M+ TVL within a few days and featured in various media!
:small_blue_diamond:Total March Volume: $330M
:small_blue_diamond:L2/Rollup Scaling Research Released
:small_blue_diamond:KIP-6: KNC Upgrade approved. KIP-7: KyberDAO Migration voting campaign still ongoing.
:small_blue_diamond:$KNC listed on Bittrex, Bitstamp, Cryptocom
:small_blue_diamond:KyberSwap launched Krystal: One Platform, All DeFi - providing the best DeFi services in one seamless interface!
Visit: Discord (https://discord.gg/HdXWUb2pQM) | Forum (https://gov.kyber.org/)

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