Application form

I am thrilled to submit my application form as a credible ambassador of a project.
My name is Pablo.
A Nigerian.

Telegram id:@Vin927
Discord: Val925#8127
Twitter: Isaiah92653106

Twitter link:

I’m a crypto/blockchain enthusiast, a DeFi researcher and an experienced community Manager/moderator. Actively moderated, managed and promoted several NFT and crypto projects. I am also a graphic designer and a content writer. I love this project and what it stands for, would love to participate and be a part of this amazing project.
I have been in crypto space for three years now and I have worked for different projects as an ambassador.
As a blockchain enthusiast who have built more than 2years of study experience in the Blockchain industry and have exceptional track records in the administration and management of the crypto communities of some well-known projects in the industry, I will integrate my crypto school to be integral part of the project. I will offer the services of teaching about cryptocurrency and blockchain and its features.
I will also create Infographics, tutorial videos and educational articles to explain the features of the project I’m pretty sure it will be one of the biggest movement in revolution of Africa.