Change the dmm name. What happened to Kyberswap?

Ok guys so I’ve been using KyberDMM beta for a while now and while I love the tech and the farms and the aggregator swap there is something that kinda bugs me about the whole thing.

I think Kyber needs a better name for this.

This probably sounds like a superficial thing and if the team has more time they should be working on developing the tech and improving swap rates but hear me out.

Anyone who has ever worked with branding knows that your product name matters a lot, and I just don’t think that “KyberDmm” cuts it.

I’ve seen so many ppl asking “What is KyberDmm” and not sure what it does when basically it’s a DEX aggregator. Yea I know Dmm stands for dynamic market maker and a better AMM but only after I read the tweets and blog post. Sounds way too complicated for most new users.

Look at popular DEXes like sushiswap, pancakeswap, uniswap with weird food or animal names but people remember them easily. Dmm sounds like it could be the name of the tech instead of the swap.

Kyber used to have the KyberSwap dapp before it became Krystal (I think). that was so much better! Or it doesn’t have to be KyberSwap if anyone has a better idea for a name that’s easier to understand. Maybe KyberTrade?

Nice to see all the tech improvements and marketing efforts for dmm so far. but you should look into a name change!!


Yes I agree. dmm is a pretty boring name and not catchy at all with no link to Kyber and KNC (very important). With all the massive marketing going on, Kyber team should look at changing the name asap. Bringing back KyberSwap might cause some confusion but it’s worth it imo. Run a trading contest for us traders while you’re at it!

Haha honestly I’ve always found the name KyberDMM to be very jarring to say? Its not a name that rolls off the tongue :woman_shrugging:

Changing the name is all well and good, but there would definitely be some factors to consider, such as if there would be any legal repercussions. The Krystal team used to be KyberSwap so would there be any copyright etc issues if we use that name again?

Other than that, if its not too hard to do in a technical sense, I think switching the name back to KyberSwap would be a good idea. Yeah it would probably cause some confusion at first but the pros outweigh the cons I think.

I agree, KyberDMM is the fugliest name in my bookmark’s bar. Competes directly with DFYN :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Very reasonable proposal, if I am a newcomer to see DMM I may still need to spend time to understand what the name DMM means, most modern people do not have so much time, perhaps need a clear and easy name.

I have seen Kyber changing back and forth so many products in the past, KyberSwap, then Kyber Pro, then Kyber Dao then Kyber DMM and even Krystal. I think it is even more important to focus on just one thing and make it top notch. I really think Kyber is the most ethical and technical team in the space, if you guys focus, the performance will be much better.

After the team is focus on just 1 thing, having a name that is easy to get, to search and to remember is very important and it is DEFINITELY NOT KyberDMM. Haha. KyberSwap is very easy to get.


ya that’s right on name change. kyberswap is a much better name than dmm. and easy to remember with swap in the name. users who have been using kyber since the start will know it too. dmm has a lot of product issues but still it’s much better than the basic amm and deserves a better name. this will be a gd move! but why is pointing to now though, kinda confusing??

Agree that kyber needs to change the DMM to something better. Kyberswap might work assuming that is the main focus product for kyber. But DMM is definitely too vague and not very memorable. the market prefers AMM swaps with strange names offering strange tokens now :slight_smile:

YES pls change the name. no way dmm is a good name. kyberswap or a more exciting name would be better! knc also needs more utility and better tokenomics. can knc lps get better rates or farming yield for the swap??

Thanks Luke.D for posting this in the forum and it’s amazing to see the community sharing their views on this topic! Kyber is a community-driven project and feedback is very important to us.

KyberDMM was created as DeFi’s first dynamic market maker protocol, with significant advantages over typical AMMs/DEX. The name DMM was meant to quickly remind users of what the protocol does and its unique features and benefits: Dynamic Trade Routing for the best rates, Dynamic Fees for higher returns, and Amplified Pools for higher capital efficiency. In addition, a separate name and domain from Kyber Network clearly highlighted the fact that DMM is just one of multiple protocols within the Kyber liquidity hub.

DMM started in beta as we knew that despite its advantages, there are still plenty of improvements that could be made and we sought as much suggestions and advice as possible to quickly make it better. We are grateful to have received plenty of valuable feedback from the community. For example, a community suggestion led to the Single Token Deposit feature which allowed liquidity providers to easily add liquidity with just one token type for the pool in a single transaction.

Even in beta, DMM has already generated:

  • $18B+ in AMP Liquidity
  • $2B+ in Volume
  • $4M+ in fees for thousands of LPs
  • Integrations with Coin98 Wallet, Kattana Trade, Rome Terminal, as well as other top Aggregators such as 1inch, Paraswap, 0x API, Matcha and Slingshot.

Now, as we make plans to transition out of beta into a full-fledged DEX aggregation platform, it might be a good time to consider if DMM is still a suitable name for this protocol. I personally agree with many of the concerns and ideas in this thread.

The aim is for DMM to be the best place in DeFi for users to swap and earn tokens at the best rates, with the best user experience. The KNC token will be a core part of the protocol and token holders will greatly benefit from its growth . We also want to streamline our marketing assets and developer documentation to make understanding, using, and integrating the protocol a breeze for everyone. These are key considerations when naming the protocol/swap interface.

Please continue to share your ideas on renaming DMM as well as on other improvements. It is up to us as a community of KNC holders to shape Kyber’s future together.

Stay tuned for many more exciting updates and initiatives, including those with new DeFi partners! Thanks again for your strong support!