Dear Kyber, don't shoot yourself in the feet, please!

you were supposed to change the name and logo.

Swap page looks very mediocre now.

Please bring back the old swap page and add the new small details there itself.
Or if your resources permit, have a legacy UI mode.

Current copy:

  • No way to tell whether KyberSwap is a DEX-Aggregator or another a copy-paste of uniswap
  • New UI is so long and narrow that all of it doesnt fit the screen

  • We cant even see the Dynamic Routing directly
  • Requires extra steps just to see the price impact


  • Says its better than other DEX but doesnt mention by how much %
    (used to show this earlier, and it made it quick for traders to see the possible PNL)

Earlier UI was Way Better :point_down:

Old interface of swap page had everything fit in concisely without the need of dropdowns, scrollbars and hidden boxes.

Please bring back the old swap page and add the new small details there itself.

  • Make the old UI look green.
  • Swap the logos and footer links section.
  • Bring the “Route” to the front. (Most important)
  • Get rid of the “hidden info” and make it all transparent again.

KyberSwap must appear a level above the low quality dexes because its not just an AMM, but a DMM & more importantly, an Aggregator of DEXes.

Just don’t shoot yourself in the feet, please!
Keep KyberSwap pretty.

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I like the new UI. It looks so much cleaner than before and more user-friendly for newbies. The only thing I agree with you is to bring back the trade routing as a default display

I agree with you. This is what I was thinking when the new UI was revealed.

Dear Kyber Team, please make the Dynamic Trade Route Infographic visible again :pray:

It is honestly painful to repetitively scroll down and click “show route”, then click the cancel, then agin scroll up to change the trade input amounts and then again scroll down and click “show route” to see the difference of price impact.
It would make HUGE difference to UX to have the cumbersome task of showing and hiding the route manually by scrolling up and down again and again to know how our trade is impacting prices. it is extremely important while trading micro-caps and mid-caps that a re spread across multiple pools and pairs.

This is a humble request to bring back the routing. If the team can help me, I’d love to pay to host the old version of the UI. :pray:



Let me start by thanking you for your honest feedback.

Our focus in the last few weeks (and with the re-branding) was on simplicity and improving our user experience. After market research, we decided to shift a few user interface details around and only display what we felt mattered most to our users.

However, based on the community feedback from users like yourselves, we realized that flexibility is key here. We wanted to put the ball in our users court, and let them decide for themselves what they’d like to see. With that in mind, we have introduced a few new features to our user interface and revived some of the other ones.

Go check out KyberSwap or visit our Twitter for more information!

And once again, thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:

Product @ Kyber

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