DMM Token Swap is Stuck/Broken

Some hours ago started a swap on DMM and it approved just fine. GOOD!

Then my browser went goofy and locked up about the same time as I hit the SWAP button. FAIL!

When I reopened the crashed browser it resumed where I left off (cached I guess) I hit the swap button again since it said it was approved and get an error that says “Swap failed: An other request is ongoing”

No resulting swap (or reversion) or any other transaction ever took place in the following hours, which is now far beyond the 20 mins time limit.

Just now I tried to start a new swap using the same tokens and parameters, and also get the same grammatically-challenged error message “Swap failed: An other request is ongoing”

I can see the APPROVE transaction with the correct action on etherscan and the resulting ETH deducted, but no resulting swap has ever taken place. Is there any way to resume this swap, or to clear this and start a new one? Or should I just wait longer? The TX fee was expensive, so it’s kind of annoying for nothing to be the result.

I’m just not sure what to do here!

Thanks everyone in advance for your suggestions!

Hey have you managed to figure it out or is this still an issue?