Getting volume through kyber dmm

Taker Incentive - build the volume on kyber dmm
From a market taker perspective, most people still just go to uniswap.

when kyber dmm comes out of beta, would it be worthwhile having some kind of incentive for users to come and trade on kyber dmm, or to use an aggregator (which is likely to favor kyber dmm).

An incentive could be that KNC is calculated daily over a period of 90 days, based on the volume ($ value) of trades made through the platform. - calculate daily, have a ‘harvest’ button inside kyber dmm that they have to use to collect on it, and have a vesting period.

incentives - considerations for encouraging knc adoption
When using the rainmaker liquidity, I can see that I can buy USDC/USDT, ETH etc. and never buy KNC, then harvest my KNC rewards, after 30 days, dump them.

Ideally, users receiving KNC, should be incentivised to not dump them on the market, but instead, acquire more and feed back into more liquidity or joining kyber dao. My suggestion is that future incentives like rainmaker, are done with this considered. There are options to do this, similar to how centralised platforms do it. (Eg. If you stake KNC for ~6 months, 1 year or whatever, then you have access to liquidity mining rewards, no stake, no rewards.) I understand this might run counter to getting the platform TVL as high as possible across all pairs, however, if rewards are significant (as they currently are) then it can drive acquisition of more KNC, awareness, volume etc.