HELP Transfered From Coinbase to Binance. Not in wallet. 6 hours now

Transfered from coinbase pro and it was correct KNC address as binance suspended KNCL so the address was correct but when i look at confirmations that are 32/12 it says it was KNCL. I opened a ticket but havent hears yet its only been 6 hours. Anyone have any ideas on what to do or how to proceed? Nervous as i sent 10s of thousands of $ and now its stuck… any help please. Thank you

As of this time, if you sent your coins from coinbase pro, then it is the old KNC, now called KNCL. Coinbase hasn’t migrated to the new KNC token yet, Binance has. What options is Binance giving you? Ask them if they can send it back to coinbase pro