Idea - kyber dmm - yield provider option using KNC

it’s hard for new tokens to get listed in the defi space with adequate liquidity on any platform other than uniswap.

add an option, for anyone to add KNC yield rewards to any pool and set rewards in 90 day slots (or something like that).

  • someone listing their token could add KNC to create their own yield rainmaker to incentivise adding liquidity in their token
  • potentially, anyone running a rainmaker promotion on the pool they set up could get a larger portion, or set ratio of the trading fees on the pair, where the person staked in rainmaker gets the fixed daily knc reward. - maybe this is too confusing and doesnt match the rest of the platform.

incentivise KNC pairings
consider an incentive for more knc pairings. eg. a rainmaker like program where all knc paired pools get the fee rewards matched to some kind of reward multiple (eg. 2x, 5x or whatever). This could really incentivise people to use KNC as a key liquidity pair. (at the moment knc seems pretty dead for this purpose)

amplification explanation
need a graphical explanation somewhere on the site about the liquidity amplification, this is mostly needed because when i go to add a pair, I’m pretty afraid of doing anything more than about 1.5. Maybe, connect to a price oracle and provide suggested amplification so people listing can make up their own mind on the risk vs reward of using larger amp factor.

incentivise KNC holdings
only give promotions like rainmaker to people with KNC staked in a period lockup at a certain level

enable an option to add liquidity of a single coin into a pool
enable the set up of any pools paired with knc to have a bonus feature - they can have a pair ratio range set by pool creator (eg. 40:60 to 60:40) then allow people to add liquidity to only one side of the pair… eg. maybe i have lots of knc, and i dont want to buy xyzrandom coin, but i would like to help the pool get more liquidity.

airdrop kyber NFT’s to liquidity providers as a promotion periodically
NFT’s give people weird hard ons, I dont really know why since they typically dont have rights attached. but this could help be a low cost incentive.

ok I’m out of ideas for today, I’m sure all of this would require some absurd technical work. step 1 is probably get kyber dmm out of beta and make sure people know about how good the amplification is. (because it’s really not clear)


I really like some of the ideas you shared. I specifically like the idea for anyone to add KNC yield rewards to the rain maker program. This would incentivize people to provide liquidity on Kyber DMM over other DEXes. Token teams would be incentivized to use this feature because it will be easy to use and it will help increase liquidity for their token. For example, Say the Axie Infinity team wants to make a AXS - ETH pool eligible for the Rainmaker program. While creating a pool, they toggle on “Enroll in Rainmaker”, then they choose how much KNC they will need to provide as rewards to this pool and over how long (month, 2, or 3). They would deposit enough AXS, ETH, and KNC to make this Rainmaker eligible pool. AXS and ETH can be deposited and withdrawn from the pool at anytime, but the KNC initially deposited would be locked for the duration they initially chose (month, 2 or 3) and only given as rewards. This would allow for existing KNC to be bought and utilized for the Rainmaker program without having to mint new KNC or asking the KyberDOA to approve it. It would be permissionless so anyone can do it.

I also think a graphical explanation on the Pools page when creating a pool or link to a video explaining what amplification is and how to utilize it will help educate more people on its potential.

I also like the idea of having a Kyber specific NFT. Kyber could work with the Axie Infinity team to make a Kyber specific Axie that is only given as a reward to KNC stakers and liquidity providers. Definitely a lot of great ideas in your post and I am sure the community appreciates your contribution.

This should be enough incentivization to KNC pairs: