Issue with Old KNC token

i sent old KNC token form DEx to CEX, unfortunately token never arrived in my CEX wallet. However on ethrescan the token are in a particular wallet. Is there a way to retrieve my tokens back

What is the CEX? Are they able to support KNCL? Some exchanges who completed the migration (such as Kucoin) have made announcements that they will no longer support the old KNCL. Please check directly with your exchange for more details.

Thanks for the response. The exchange is MEXC and the customer support aren’t being supportive to say the least. Not an exchange I will recommend. Still chasing them , hopefully I will get the tokens back

Following this post ,I eventually chatted with a lovely staff by the name Nargizia who resolved the query with the exchange. Yet to receive the tokens back but fingers crossed think I will get there.

Many thanks TaniaKyber

ye sthe exchange sorted the issue out. Isit possible to change the old KNC token new KNC token