KGT Use idea for DMM LP providers

Hello, how is everyone?

I have been thinking about how KGT tokens could be used for a long time. Now that I started using DMM in polygon, it occurs to me that the KGT token holders could be given some benefit such as a slightly higher% in APY or for example that the vesting period is shorter or there is no vesting. I don’t know if it’s possible or I’m too crazy asking for something like that.

Another option that could be just for bragging is that in the list of wallets in DMM Info the KGT holders have a crystal or stand out from the rest.

One problem with this is that the KGT only exists on ERC20, maybe you can do something to identify if the Polygon address has the token at the same address on the Ethereum chain.

What do you think?


I think this is a really interesting idea, unfortunately the KGT token can’t be moved from our wallets. Rather than trying to implement some functionality (which if even possible, will likely be very complicated to carry out), I think it would be a lot more straightforward to be able to “trade” the KGT for something, like an NFT or an amount of tokens.

What I’m suggesting if we can verify ownership of the KGT, the Kyber team can send an NFT or tokens (something we can actually use) to our wallet address. The KGT will still stay in our wallets so maybe this can happen annually.