KIP Execution and Rewards

With the new voting, I see now there is an extra ‘execute’ step. Could someone point me to more information where i can find out about how this works?

Also, is there any information regarding what is the expectation with the voter rewards being collected since the migration took place? Is there somewhere to see how many have been collected? Legacy page shows 0 accross the board for fee’s/rewards. I assume the system is still collecting fee/rewards though, right?

Do we have an ETA on when the new voter distribution rules will be finalized / implemented?

Further, for the first reward distribution, only those who have voted across all previous epoch’s since the last distribution will be eligible? Or is it only necessary to vote in the ‘current’ epoch to be eligible?



Do not worry about the “Execute” button. There is nothing for you to do in regards to that button. It is the Kyber team that executes the proposals.

Kyber is still collecting fee/rewards to be distributed to voters, but there isn’t a place where you can view the amount as of now. But, eventually you will see it on

KIP 10 will put up a proposal for a vote regarding the fee/reward distribution rules. Not sure when the team plans to put it up for a vote. Maybe next epoch…

Yes, I believe you would have had to vote on all proposals since the last distribution to get the full reward.

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