KNCL sent to new KNC address

Hi there,
I accidentally sent my KNCL tokens to the Bittrex new KNC migrated address. Bittrex does not support the old KNCL.
Is there anything Kyber can do to get these coins?
I was told to contact Kyber.

Hi Rkel,
You can send us the wallet address to check but if the address belongs to Bittrex there’s not much we can do on our end, only Bittrex may be able to help you. May I know who told you to contact us?

Hello, thank you for replying ,

I have the transaction ID, will this help?


I sent my KNCL token to Bittrex migrated address which isnt supported so if it’s not supported I thought it would be sent back? Doenst it have to go somewhere? I was apart of the initial coin offering for Kyber and planned on holding these tokens for a very long time.

It was Bittrex customer support that told me to contact ETH/Kyber

So you sent it to this address right?

This address belongs to Bittrex. Kyber Network was not involved in the transaction and at no time do we hold or control any of the funds.

Transactions on the blockchain are immutable and irreversible so even if the token was sent to an unsupportive platform, it would just stay there in limbo because as an unsupported token on the platform, the token can no longer be accessed.

I see, ok, well thank you for the reply.
This is unfortunate!