KyberSwap Ambassador Program

Hello Kyber Team

Benjamin Ntoe
[email protected]

I have gone through your project and I must say I’m impressed, I just commend you and your team for doing such a great job so far.

I am a DeFi enthusiast, a researcher, a social media manager, a community Moderator, collab manager, crypto Ambassador and shimmer.

I have worked with several crypto projects like MantraDao, S-wallet, Derived DVDX, Deip Protocol, Project Hive, Unifarm, OroPocket, Witch Protocol, Secret network, Cosmos Network, Stakewolle, as their brand builder/ ambassador respectively.

I worked as a brand builder for the faculty group in (x8c ) a project marketing agency, created crypto related threads, Create and implement content strategies, campaigns and plans to drive leads, and brand awareness for crypto projects, creating and enhancing market awareness, interacted with communities and help raise awareness on socal media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, Medium, 4chan, YouTube, Telegram, Instagram etc. Provided the team with feedbacks weekly.

I would like to contribute my expertise to the further growth and development of your project. I have a good and communication skills, I can help keep a community busy and active by engaging community members and providing answers to their questions related to the project.

My work time is flexible and professional. I can work with any time zone and the project time zone as well.
I would like to tender my application to your mission and visions project as an ambassador or any role available.

I believe you will find my skills and experience very resourceful to the success of your project.

Links to my social media accounts



Facebook: Beejay Ntoe





Best regards