Lost KNC Transfer from Coinbase Pro to KuCoin

I made KNC transfer from Coinbase Pro to KuCoin. The address is correct and there have been enough confirmations from the KNC network. However, the KNC tokens didn’t arrive at KuCoins. KuCoin Support said the “KNC” tokens sent from Coinbase Pro were “Old KNC” tokens, even though it’s called “KNC” on Coinbase Pro, that they no longer accept.

I’ve contacted Coinbase Pro support but haven’t heard back from them. KuCoin Support said they can return the coins back to Coinbase Pro for a fee of USD $30.

I’ve not encountered a situation like this before. What options would you recommend?

Thank you,


Honestly, if the amount of KNC is a lot, you might as well have it returned to coinbase pro, transfer it to a wallet where you control the keys, and migrate to the new KNC yourself on kyber.org before you send it to Kucoin or another exchange. However, before you send new KNC or Old KNC to an exchange, make sure that the exchange supports that version of KNC.


The fact is that the tokens are now in KuCoin’s wallet. So they have to manually look for them and sent it back to you. I think this is your only option.

Coinbase has nothing to do now. Considere yourself lucky with KuCoin’s response, because for example, Binance wont help you in this case.


What happened to your coins? I sent mine from Pro to binance and now they are not in binance US. Worried . I opened a ticket but who knows. I sent 10s Thousands and it confimed 30/12 but binance says it was old KNCL on transfer but it wasnt. Any ideas on how you got through this??

As of this time, if you sent your coins from coinbase pro, then it is the old KNC, now called KNCL. Coinbase hasn’t migrated to the new token yet, Binance has. What options is Binance giving you?