Migration did not Happen: Now My KNC Is Pending for 5 Hrs ..Trying to Send back to Coinbase

My KNC is Pending and Etherscan and shows 2 transactions Pending. One I assume: is an attempt to migration from old to new KNC, and the other is my attempt to just return it from my Coinbase Wallet Back to Coinbase. Neither is being approved, but is being Held in “space”. Can you help.

One of the pending transactions says: There is a Pending txn with a lower account nonce. This txn can only be executed after confirmation of the earlier. The gas limit was 70000, but the default note says the max is 21000. Don’t know what’s going on Help. See here: Address 0xfec8b2a51078a331de490cbae0bc968752b32702 | Etherscan

Transactions can remain as “pending” indefinitely if the gas fee entered is too low. Gas prices have been crazy high on Ethereum lately over the past few weeks.

Only thing you can do is cancel your pending transactions and try again with higher gas fee, or cancel and wait for the gas prices to hopefully go back down.

Also not sure if you’re aware but Coinbase doesn’t support the new KNC yet. If you’re trying to send new KNC to Coinbase it’ll be “lost” until they upgrade to support.