Migration of Old Kyber

I have been trying to migrate my Old Kyber over to the New Kyber from my Ledger wallet through the migration tool on kyber.org but it will not let me connect to my Ledger wallet. Ledger support cannot help me (all my systems are up to date) and said to speak to Kyber!! Can anyone help me with some suggestion on how to make this work?

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try to use metamask, sync your wallet to it and try that way, that’s how to normally interact with smart contracts.

Impossible wih MetaMask

Metamask should be on Mainnet .

Currently it is on Unknown Network instead.

Hi @Excil can I check if you have been able to resolve this?
Please ensure you are on the Ethereum network.
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Hi @Reply_dev,
Is there any error message when you try to connect?

Hi. I’m trying to migrate old KNC with Ledger / Metamask. I get this error message ‘Please enable Blind signing or Contract data in the Ethereum app Settings’.

  • contract data is enabled
  • logged in to Ledger and Etherium app
  • Ledger device firmware is up to date
  • what do I miss or what’s wrong?

Need a fast reply with a solution. starting to get tired of this

I have a similar problem, but in my case i have sent old KNC token form DEx to CEX, unfortunately token never arrived in my CEX wallet. However on ethrescan the token are in somebody’s wallet. Is there a way to retrieve my tokens back

Hi, For a long time, Ive had some KNC tokens on Independent Reserve Exchange, and a while back IndyRes decided not to continue trading KNC… changed the name to KNCL and left them as “withdraw only”. I managed to move them onto my Ledger Nano X and into an account they called “Kyber Network (OLD)” … however, they are no longer KNCL, but are now KNC. Does this mean they have migrated automatically or do I still need to migrate them? I tried sending 1 KNC token From Ledger Nano to Swyftx, as they still trade KNC, but it didnt arrive. Etherscan says it was successful, but never appeared in my Swyftx wallet.

I tried using the Kyber Migration tool, and was able to connect my wallet, but it doesnt show my balance of KNC. I can see my ETH balance, but not KNC.

Can anyone suggest some help please… its driving me nuts and Ive lost about 10 tokens in fees and lost trades. Cheers

Hi @Jayza,
KNC and KNCL are both ERC20 tokens so it will naturally be supported by Ledger Nano and other Ethereum wallets. You may need to add the tokens manually as a custom token. Please refer to these token addresses to check which version of KNC you’re holding.

:small_blue_diamond:Old KNC token contract: 0xdd974d5c2e2928dea5f71b9825b8b646686bd200
:small_blue_diamond:New KNC token contract: 0xdeFA4e8a7bcBA345F687a2f1456F5Edd9CE97202

Do keep in mind to not send new KNC to an exchange unless it is already supporting the new KNC. Please check with your exchange directly for more details.

Hello I am new here, trying to navigate technical issues which seem very complicated to me.
I bought KNC on Coinbase Pro a few weeks ago, then withdrew and transferred it to Crypto.com…except it never showed up at Crypto.com. Apparently Coinbase Pro sold OLD KNC on their trading function.
Crypto.com said they only accept KNC NEW, and would only agree to send it back to wallet from which it came (Coinbase ), for a fee of $150 USDT.
Problem is, Coinbase Pro said they would not accept a transfer back of KNC OLD!
So now, my OLD KNC remains in limbo, inaccessible by me, at a custodial wallet at Crypto.com (btw they charged me the $150 but didn’t seem to attempt a transfer).
Should I chalk this up to yet another expensive lesson? Is there no hope for old dummies like me who would really like to participate in this brave new world but find it too daunting? (I think it would be better for the entire crypto economy to welcome us AARP crowd earlier, rather than to wait years until we die and grandkids who might understand better inherit).
Thanks to anyone for any guidance on this issue!

Update: Crypto.com sent my old knc to my metamask wallet! I credit this blog with spurring the action! Thanks!