Old KNC and KNC v2

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I have some KNC (old) in ledger nano S and would like to know if I lost my funds. There is no amount in USD related to my tokens.
Can I use them yet?


Same question, and I try to convert with the Kyber Migrate portal and authenticate with Ledger but not Working


Failed to sign with Ledger device: U2F DEVICE_INELIGIBLE

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Hi @Wanderson @Excil , can I check if you have been able to resolve this? For more immediate assistance in future, please contact us via our social channels below:

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same problem. i can’t change the old knc.
please some solution

Hello I am new here, trying to navigate technical issues which seem very complicated to me.
I bought KNC on Coinbase Pro a few weeks ago, then withdrew and transferred it to Crypto.com…except it never showed up at Crypto.com. Apparently Coinbase Pro sold OLD KNC on their trading function.
Crypto.com said they only accept KNC NEW, and would only agree to send it back to wallet from which it came (Coinbase ), for a fee of $150 USDT.
Problem is, Coinbase Pro said they would not accept a transfer back of KNC OLD!
So now, my OLD KNC remains in limbo, inaccessible by me, at a custodial wallet at Crypto.com (btw they charged me the $150 but didn’t seem to attempt a transfer).
Should I chalk this up to yet another expensive lesson? Is there no hope for old dummies like me who would really like to participate in this brave new world but find it too daunting? (I think it would be better for the entire crypto economy to welcome us AARP crowd earlier, rather than to wait years until we die and grandkids who might understand better inherit).
Thanks to anyone for any guidance on this issue!