Removing token from old LP


I got some LP token from a contract which is almost empty and that does not appear on the Kyberswap pool dashboard.
How can I get these token back???

contract : 0x7eb05d3115984547a50ff0e2d247fb6948e1c252

I got no Balance on Kyber nor directly on Metamask for the LP token…

You need to unstake your LP token before you can withdraw your liquidity. Click on the pool you deposited in and you should see an option to unstake


The problem is that I don’t see the pool anymore. When I go in "My Liquidity Pool’ in Kyberswap, I have nothing appearing.
This is the transaction detail I did to put LP token on the pool:
(id tx : 0xd2be767f382239941a2a0ab4d58558f802eb631748f458db51a0c021806d2f5e)

This I like I have no stake in the pool anymore, I did no other transaction than putting stake on the pool.

address of contract : 0x7eb05d3115984547a50ff0e2d247fb6948e1c252

Thx for advice.

Go to the Farms page, not My Liquidity. You staked the LP so its not in your wallet and will not reflect under that page. You should be able to see the USDC-jEUR pool in the Farms page. Click on that and you should see an option to unstake.

Hi Lianne,

Thx for the help. I got it. I removed and get the rewards from the farm.
At first I had a problem to see it a,d needed to reset the Matic network on metamask, but it worked eventually.

Much appreciate your help.