Where is the hype for Kyber v3?

Hi everyone,

I believe Kyber v3 is slated for release either this month or next. However, there’s been so little hype surrounding this launch. I’m new here, but I really had to dig to find information on it. That’s really not good.

So, what exactly is going on here?—the social media channels are pretty dead, the chatrooms are quiet and low-quality, and expectations aren’t really there. It’s a real bad look.

I’m not trying to criticize the team, because they’re undoubtably working hard on the product. But the road ahead isn’t just about building.

Does Kyber expect to attract publicity, new value locked, and retail investors from going rogue? I just don’t see this strategy working. You can’t just unveil the biggest launch for Kyber out of nowhere. The market will just eat it up and spit it out, especially now.

It’s important we build momentum. Not for a few days or even a week before launch, but starting now. Let every sector of DeFi come to know that they can expect one of the oldest and respected DeFi projects around to unveil their biggest update ever. Now there’s a winning message.

Can we please do this Kyberians? We need momentum and expectations. Right now we have neither.


You have to understand that the ones we are here, we are not short term moon-bois, the ones who care we’re working to correct some flaws that our DAO has. Please stay tune, be patient. Moon will come.


the ones who care we’re working to correct some flaws that our DAO has.

You’re literally the only one talking, this community is a ghost town. We need momentum, regardless of your criticisms.

Your long-term perspective is more like no-term, because by that time, the other DEXs will be eating our lunch (and they already are). Use your head.

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Use your head, you want to advance when the DAO is broken and can be colluded? We can’t advance if there is collusion risks.

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Hi good day! I somewhat agree with both. On the one hand, it is very important to solve the basic problems. But it is also very important to give the project more visibility.

I understand that now it would not be good that many new people came because they would enter a desert wasteland.

However, I think it is very important that Kyber has a community manager again. Social networks, Telegram and Discord groups are abandoned, full of whores offering their services and scammers.
Nobody moderates anything and that is not good for any eventual interested party who enters to see what the project is about.

Without going any further, less than a week ago, a scammer posing as Shane hoaxed and stole from an investor approximately 7000 KNC.

No one from the team said anything.

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At my workplace, I govern a number of different technology/applications. Typically if we announce stuff and build hype before something is available, people are dissapointed on release day, and dont come back to look at what’s built up over the next 6 months.

by having a low level of hype, specifically targetting liquidity providers or developers, the foundation of the technology gets stronger. as the foundation gets stronger, community hype/word of mouth will build it without too much advertisement (but you still need some like blog posts with clear communication).

I think this ‘where is the hype’ type thinking comes from a short term investor thinking ‘i want quick gains around news’. Long term investors are focused on the technology being the best. If the foundation is right, everyone can start to integrate to kyber as the best dex option. Media hype is not going to make developers favor kyber over the alternatives.

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