About the Add KNC-Token Pair category

We want a greater variety of project tokens to be paired with KNC on KyberSwap. If you would like your token to be paired with KNC, submit a proposal by replying to this forum thread!

Please use the following format in your submission:

  • Proposal title: [Project Name] Add KNC pair for [insert token] on KyberSwap
  • Project name:
  • Token ticker:
  • Token smart contract address:
  • Brief project background:
  • Which chain KNC-paired liquidity should be added on:
  • Why your token should be paired with KNC:
  • Project website:
  • Project Twitter:
  • Contact information (Telegram/Discord/Twitter/Email):

If your token pair is submitted for voting in next KIP, get support from the community to vote for you!

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