Application for ambassador role program

Name : Mani
Native and preferred language :English

A crypto and web3 enthusiast, content creator, and project community moderator, I create quality content, videos, memes, designs and write articles to promote projects.

I have the abilities necessary to help the Project accomplish its intended objectives, I’m also very fluent in English.

I can assist with advancing this project by making content,because I am familiar with the use of social media and other internet platforms for promotion, I can put this knowledge into advancing the course of this project.

When it comes to experience, I’ve worked with several crypto communities in the past as a moderator and also a content creator/community manager with 3-4 years of experience in the field, I’d also love to extend an offer of writing content for your project as it relates with the crypto community and also getting more folks to see what the future holds for it and why they should get on now while it’s still very early.

I have also managed several accounts on Twitter, I am well-versed in creating content that resonates with target audiences, driving engagement, and increasing brand visibility.

In a similar vein, I would be an active community member who would raise awareness and take this project to the next level, respond to inquiries from within and outside the community and make smilingly difficult concept easy for lay users to understand . I’d also be more than willing to bring several suggestions to the team on onboarding new community members and drafting strategic plans to incentivize them.

Twitter URL :
Twitter : mani_chukk
Github : Mani678 · GitHub
Discord: mani_#3699
medium : Mani Chukk – Medium
Email: [email protected]