Discussion: Distribution of snapshots on the BSC, ETH, and Polygon networks at a ratio of 1:30, and the introduction of vKNC for liquidity unlocking.

  1. Adding tokens to each network can expand the number of network users and lower the threshold for participating in the Kyber network with diverse choices.
    For example, alice has 1KNC on the ETH network, and after the snapshot, the address will have 30KNC ​​on BSC, ETH, and Polygon respectively. If it goes online, other networks will be distributed in the same way.
    2.Provide a pledge period of 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, and 4 years to obtain vKNC and unlock the liquidity of pledged KNC.
    Benefits: 1. Give long-term KNC holders more options, refer to vCRV.
  2. Unlock the value of KNC in different networks and increase the liquidity of KNC.
  3. It can increase the efficiency of Kyber network and increase users who like different networks.
  4. Conducive to the long-term increase of KNC prices.