Fringe Finance is launching an incentive program for $KNC lenders on March 5

Fringe Finance has introduced its V2 platform and is initiating the incentive program to kickstart adoption on March 5. With this program, you’ll be able to earn triple rewards:

  1. From $KNC token growth
  2. Lender interest
  3. Rewards from the program.

This post explores why depositing funds on Fringe Finance can be lucrative for $KNC token holders, drawing insights from the platform’s incentive program and the new features introduced in V2.

V2 Features: Expanding Opportunities for $KNC Token Holders

The launch of Fringe Finance V2 introduces several key features that enhance the platform’s appeal to $KNC token holders:

Margin Trade and Amplify: Beyond traditional lending and borrowing, V2 offers leveraged trading facilities, allowing users to amplify their exposure to supported crypto assets, including $KNC. This means $KNC token holders can leverage their holdings to engage in strategic trades and potentially increase their returns.

Revolutionary Interest Rate Model: The new interest rate model dynamically adjusts rates to maintain optimal utilization, maximising lender revenue and minimising borrower costs. This model benefits $KNC token holders by potentially offering higher yields on their deposits.

Repay Using Collateral: V2 allows users to repay loans and margin trade positions using the position’s collateral. This feature provides flexibility for $KNC token holders, enabling them to manage their investments more efficiently.

Expanded Asset Availability: Fringe Finance V2 supports a wide range of assets across multiple chains, including $KNC on Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Polygon. This broad asset support, combined with features like multi-asset lending and integration of advanced price feeds, opens up new avenues for $KNC token holders to diversify their DeFi activities and enhance their earning potential.

Incentive Program: A Catalyst for Lender Profits

This program directly rewards lenders for their deposits, creating a cycle that benefits all participants in the ecosystem.

The incentive program is structured around five lender Total Value Locked (TVL) milestones, with rewards issued as each target is met and sustained.

The rewards, issued in FRIN tokens, are calculated based on the proportion of interest earned by a lender’s deposits relative to the total interest earned on the platform. This approach ensures that the more capital a lender contributes and the longer they participate, the greater their potential rewards.

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