Request for feedback: KyberSwap Gas Refund Program

KyberSwap just launched the pilot phase of our first Gas Refund Program for KNC (Kyber Network Crystal) stakers. This aims to make trading on KyberSwap even more efficient and align incentives between KNC holders and KyberSwap users.

The Gas Refund Program will launch only on Ethereum initially, but we have plans to expand to other popular chains such as Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism.

Starting from epoch 59, 18 July, ~2.07pm GMT+7, gas costs incurred by eligible swaps on Ethereum would be partially refunded in the form of KNC based on your KNC staking tier, and users can claim refunds at the start of every n+2 epoch cycle (approximately every 4 weeks).

To participate in KyberSwap’s Gas Refund Program, you must first stake KNC and then meet the necessary trading requirements:

Step 1 - Stake KNC on KyberDAO
Step 2 - Trade on KyberSwap

  • Value of each trade (calculated at the point of the trade) on KyberSwap has to be ≥ $200
  • Only trades on Ethereum chain are eligible
  • The amount of the gas refunded will depend on your tier displayed below. Read more here.

Give us feedback!
KyberSwap Gas Refund Program for traders is currently in a beta/pilot phase. Please provide your feedback in this topic thread here so that we can optimize the program further. Previous community discussion be found on our governance forum here and the feature request page.


Gas refund is a good move as Kyber users been asking for more utility for a while now. This makes Kyber as competitive as other aggregators. Only feedback is to quickly open up this feature soon for other chains esp l2s! more KNC will get deposited that way.