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The KyberDAO Community Delegate Program aims to foster greater engagement and inclusivity within the KyberDAO governance process. The KyberSwap team will delegate a portion of their KNC holdings to a select group of community members, empowering them with voting power. Delegates will help shape the future of KyberDAO by actively participating in governance discussions, voting on Kyber Improvement Proposals (KIPs), and engaging with other community members.

Why be a KyberDAO Community Delegate?

As a KyberDAO Community Delegate, you will enjoy several benefits, including:

  1. KNC Rewards : You will be delegated 50,000 KNC worth of voting power by the KyberSwap team. Assuming a scenario where $100,000 in fees are collected for KyberDAO each month and 45,000,000 KNC are staked in total, each delegate can earn approximately $111 worth of KNC per month , making your contributions even more rewarding.
    Note: We may increase the delegated KNC amount over time and provide bonus rewards based on your individual effort.

  2. Exclusive Access: You will have the privilege of directly connecting with the KyberSwap team and ambassadors, as well as gain access to the latest updates and product features, participate in online events, and more! For example, you can be among the first to test new features, such as the cutting-edge KyberAI.

  3. Recognition: The title of Community Delegate carries with it a sense of respect as it plays a crucial role in representing the community’s interests and concerns. As part of an elite group of like-minded individuals who share a deep passion for KyberSwap and KNC, Community Delegates have increased visibility and networking opportunities. In addition, you will earn an exclusive badge/role on the KyberDAO forum and Discord, representing your commitment, expertise, and important status as a Community Delegate.

Responsibilities of a KyberDAO Community Delegate

Community Delegates will be entrusted with specific responsibilities, including:

  1. Voting on KIPs : Community Delegates have to actively vote on each KIP on the official KyberDAO voting platform (not on third-party websites).
  2. Active Participation in Discussions : Engage in discussions on the KyberDAO governance forum, offering your opinions on each KIP and providing valuable feedback for improvement.
  3. Social Media & Community Engagement : Stay connected with KyberDAO’s official Twitter (X) account and Telegram announcement channel to remain up-to-date with the latest developments. You are also encouraged to join community conversations in our KyberSwap Discord and Telegram. After each KIP proposal announcement, you are required to show your support by quote tweeting or retweeting, briefly explaining the reason behind your preferred vote.
  4. Staying Connected: Join a private Telegram group where you can interact with other Community Delegates and KyberSwap team members. This group will be created after the selection process.

Important Details

To ensure the effectiveness and integrity of the KyberDAO Community Delegate Program, some important rules will apply:

  1. Consistency in Voting: Community Delegates must vote on all KIPs; failure to do so for two consecutive KIPs may result in KyberSwap revoking the delegated KNC and a replacement of the delegate.
  2. Active Forum Participation: Community Delegates must participate in all KIP-related governance forum discussions; failure to do so may result in KyberSwap revoking the delegated KNC and a replacement of the delegate.
  3. Positive Engagement: Exhibiting behavior that negatively impacts the KyberDAO and KNC community may result in KyberSwap revoking the delegated KNC and a replacement of the delegate.

How to apply?

Anyone can apply to our Community Delegate Program and the finalists will be chosen from the list of all applicants. If you know of any friends or community members who would be a good fit, encourage them to apply as well!

If you’re eager to contribute and become a KyberDAO Community Delegate, follow these simple steps:

  1. Express your interest by posting on the KyberDAO governance forum as a New Topic. Add a +New Topic under the “KyberDAO Community Delegate Application” category. Please also provide your Ethereum address for voting, your telegram username, your discord username, and your Twitter handle.

  2. Complete the application form available here.

Selection Process

The selection of Community Delegates will be based on various factors gleaned from the answers in the application forms, including knowledge, experience, and activity within the Kyber ecosystem, as well as contributions to other DAOs and DeFi platforms. The KyberSwap team will carefully evaluate all the applicants and select the finalists who best embody the spirit of KyberDAO.

Remember to follow KyberDAO’s official Twitter (X) account and Telegram announcement channel, and KyberSwap’s Discord and Telegram! Read more about KyberDAO here.

Full blog announcement on this program can be found here.


I love this awesome project, I’m in for the delegate program

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I love the project, delegate program

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Twitter X: @Don_Des_Web2024
Discord: defi_funds
Telegram: @Defi_funds2
Ethereum address: 0x5CA073fbA88d993d737d0e07d4018e6E5e874d0a
Kyberswap I am writing to show interest in the community delegate program. I have deep knowledge about defi, DAOs and web3 as a whole. I am passionate about keeping the project of kyberswap running by being among the decision makers for the growth and good development of kyberswap ecosystem.

I have participated in the so many DAOs, which gave me a whole lot of experience in decentralised autonomous organizations programs.

Great work you guys are doing here. Let’s take kyberDao to a new level of greatness and make it one of the most Powerful DAO existing in Defi and web3 space. Kudos to the team for understanding the power of a community driven project.

I would be glad if I am given this opportunity to help in maintaining an ever evolving ecosystem of the kyberDAo. :hugs:

Thanks for this opportunities.