Ambassador application spanish/english

Greeting Kyber Network team , my name is Matias Gallardo from Argentina, Córdoba, 25 years old.

I apply to Kyber Network team to bring my experience to this project and help its growth in the Latin American and english- speaking regions.

How can I contribute to you?

  1. I would like to create local communities to attract as many Spanish-speaking members as possible: It is noteworthy that the regions of Latin America have devalued local currencies, which is why they are currently moving to the world of cryptocurrencies.

  2. I have extensive experience in managing communities, I currently represent MDEX (MDX), a dex also listed on binance ranked #270 and BNB Chain in cryptocurrencies, which occupied the entire Latin American region as an ambassador.

  3. Attract KOLS, I have experience in speaking with reputable youtubers in LATIN AMERICA

  4. AMA events, the AMA events are a great participation fixture for the community, to publicize a project and its approach for which I have extensive experience conducting AMA’s in many communities.

  5. Local Events, In my country there is a large volume of people investing in cryptocurrencies, so holding local events in Argentina :argentina: can be beneficial for the project.

  6. Currently Marketing Strategist: I am graduated from the Marketing career at the 21st Century University, Córdoba, Argentina, so I can give contributions such as content marketing, market analysis and digital marketing. In this way I emphasize how I can give my contribution to Kyber Network

My events on BNB Chain:

Presencial events

Córdoba, Argentina

BNB Chain (@bnbchain) on Instagram: "Looking back on a great meetup with friends old and new from Argentina 🇦🇷 ! Can’t wait fo..."

Bogota, colombia

292 Likes, 21 Comments - BNB Chain (@bnbchain) on Instagram: "This is how we ended a week sharing with the global community that attended the Devcon! 🌎 

I wait your response

Contact: @matigallardoBNB TELEGRAM

gallardologia97#7709 discord

[email protected] email

Regards: Matias Gallardo

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Wow, really cool Matias! Looking forward to having a chat with you.

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Hello of course, Through which channel can I send you a message?

Telegram: @matigallardoBNB

discord: gallardologia97#7709

Oh add me on TW at imranfaststart and we can chat from there! We’ll definitely interact more within the community spaces and AMAs in any case.

Done, my twitter is @gallardo_mati , check dm

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Hi @Gallardologia97, I sent you the inbox to follow up the process. Kindly take a moment to review the messages when you have a chance. Thanks :handshake:

Done, I have sent you a message via telegram, my username is @matigallardoBNB :raised_hands: