Ambassador Program Application Template

To join the KyberSwap Ambassador Program, submit your application using the template guideline below.

Applications should be submitted as a ‘+New Topic’ in this dedicated section.

Application Template for the KyberSwap Ambassador Program

Basic Info

  • What should we call you?
  • What are your preferred languages?

Hey there! Please select the role that best describes you:

  1. Community Champions
  2. Technical Experts/Advisors
  3. Brand Advocates/Thought Leaders


Great choice! Now please provide more details based on the category you’ve selected.

  1. Community Champions:
    a. We would love to hear about any experience you’ve had in community building/engagement! Please share the name of the community and your past work.
    b. Let us know why you would be a great fit for the KyberSwap community!

  2. Technical Experts/Advisors:
    a. Could you tell us more about your current experience in DeFi and what draws you to joining the KyberSwap community?
    b. Please share more details about how your technical skills and expertise could help the KyberSwap community.
    c. We’re always looking for ways to improve Can you share your thoughts about the current challenges and opportunities of Kyberswap in DeFi and provide some suggestions from your POV?

  3. Brand Advocates/Thought Leaders:
    a. We’re excited to see your public platforms and social channels! Please share the relevant links.
    b. Please share about your experience in creating content and generating buzz within the DeFi/blockchain/crypto Twitter?
    c. It’s inspiring to see how passionate people are about DeFi! Could you tell us more about what inspires you in this space, especially when using Dapps like KyberSwap?

Thank you so much for your interest in becoming a KyberSwap Ambassador. We truly appreciate your willingness to help us grow and improve our community. Please note that this is a voluntary position, but we value your contribution to our cause. We will review your application and get back to you as soon as possible. Good luck!

Important Resources

Thank You
KyberSwap team


Hosana isreal

Community champion., China — Community Manager
January 2021 - August 2022

  • Set marketing goals and objectives
  • Review and manage content marketing strategy
  • Analyze the company’s marketing strategy and suggest improvements
  • Design, plan and execute effective marketing campaign and Community Management
  • Onboard Ambassadors to help create content and grow community audience
  • Grow community members from 100 to 5,595 members

hey @Isreal_Hosana , thanks for sending your application but you need creat a new topic and send your application again
you can check the tutorial : Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

Name: Ben Ebong
Preferred languages: English and French

Brand Advocates/Thought Leaders

I’m a blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast with up-to-date knowledge of global blockchain and crypto activities; I’ve actively promoted over 15 crypto projects in the worldwide crypto space; I’m willing and available to provide effective and efficient solutions to the growth of crypto projects around the world; and I’m also learning about cryptocurrencies in this time frame.

Here is a link to my portfolio: CV_Block.pdf - Google Drive

Social media profile links :
Twitter -
Medium - Ekvetez – Medium
LinkedIn -

i think you should creeat a new topic and send your application again
the tutorial: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

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Crypto Palangs
Tagalong and Basic English

Role - Community Champion

Past Experience

I am excited to apply for the ambassador program with my passion for cryptocurrencies and experience in community engagement, I am confident in my ability to contribute to your crypto projects and cultivate an engaged community.

I have a basic understanding of blockchain and decentralized finance, allowing me to effectively communicate to community members . as a Community Moderator at Previous Company, I successfully built a good relationship to our members.

I’m a normal crypto but however dedicated for what I’m doing here on crypto space to improve my skills and knowledge here and i believe this program will help me grow and in return i will do my best for this company also.
Please find my attached resume for your review. Thank you for considering my application.


Name: Vitalik Palamarchuk
Preferred languages: Ukrainian , Russian , English

Community Champions

Meet me, a multilingual communicator, empathetic listener, and purposeful leader. I am a linguist who facilitates connections, breaks down barriers, and promotes mutual understanding. I am able to clearly communicate ideas and build rapport. Their goal- oriented thinking and strategic skills inspire others to excellence, making them a catalyst for achievement.

Here is a link to my portfolio: HERE!

Social media profile links :
Twitter -

English,Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam

Worked in Cryptotycoon,ovo nft platform,mestar game, digitra exchange etc

Name: Roman Kuprianenko
Preferred languages: English and Russian

Name: Roman Kupriianenko
Preferred languages: English and Russian

Community champion

My experience in community building/engagement:
I am successfully helping to develop the discord of the CapyDAO community, I am engaged in my telegram channel and have started a new one (Telegram: Contact @NoFomoVerse )

I am sure that I am a great fit for the Kiberswap community because I approach the matter responsibly and aim to help the community navigate the project, answer questions, prevent conflicts and create a favorable environment for both new and old users using a variety of interactive activities for this purpose

Here is a link to my portfolio: Curriculum Vitae

All social media profile links : Linktree

Name: ngoanhtuan
Preferred languages: English and VietNamese

Brand Advocates/Thought Leaders

I’m a blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast with up-to-date knowledge of global blockchain and crypto activities; I’ve actively promoted over 20 crypto projects in the worldwide crypto space; I’m willing and available to provide effective and efficient solutions to the growth of crypto projects around the world; and I’m also learning about cryptocurrencies in this time frame.

Here is a link to my portfolio:

Social media profile links :

Name: Peter Umoh
Preferred languages: English

Brand Advocates/Thought Leaders

I am a passionate Crypto enthusiast and blockchain advocate, actively engaged as an ambassador for the Polkadot ecosystem, Numbersprotocol, and a Moderator at The Supa Foundation. My expertise lies in content creation, where I excel in crafting diverse forms of content such as articles, designs, infographics, memes, blogs, and much more. I firmly believe that my skills and knowledge can greatly contribute to the vital mission of raising awareness about kyber swap.

Social media profile links :
Twitter -

Name: Gosha
Language: Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, English

Role: Community Champion
Do can: I can briefly and clearly convey information, maintain communication and be online all my free time ( 5-10 hours)

Social Media:

  • Twitter: @Gosha_Fom
  • Discord: .indigodeblur
  • Telegram: @mattywater


Language is English language

Brand Advocates/Thought Leaders

I have been in the blockchain space for 3 years, my journey began from an on-boarding on how to use Binance, then shifted consistently to other exchanges, now and I’ve grown from newbie to now understanding how various blockchains such as EOS, ETHEREUM, BSC, FTM, POLYGON, ALGO, SOLANA,TELOS, NEAR, DOGECHAIN, AVAX, CARDANO, COSMOS, OPTIMISM, ARBITRUM, CORE KAVA and others work. During this period, I have been engaged in interacting with new protocols, games beta testing, trading DeFi tokens and NFTs, chat moderation activities, content writing activities for various cryptocurrency projects spanning different blockchains and diverse use cases, graphics design, and video, particularly about DeFi, the metaverse, NFTs, and GameFi and play to earn.

I’ve worked as a Content Writer and Creator, ambassador, Promoter, Influencer, Space Co-host and Speaker, Strategic Shiller, Guriella Marketing Team Member, Chatter and Moderator and Social Media Manger with projects such as EquilibriumDefi and GenshiroDefi, CovalentHQ, Manta Network, FerryCoin, Rebaked, Qredo Network, Zenlink, OpenOcean Global, OpenLeverage, FTX, EpiK-Protocol, Bondex, Shuttleone, Funtoken, Arianee Project, PropelXYZ, Comdex, Aptos Ape Society, StakeEasy, Paysenger, ThugBullz, Exeno, Netswap, Persistence, AssetMantle, Dogechain, Cosmic Champs, NFTrade, Unilend, Cedro Finance, Pinjam Labs, Dip Exchange and others.

link tree - MrMee | Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok | Linktree

Name - David Lit
Preferred languages - Ukrainian, Russian, English
Role - Community Champions, Motion Designer

Community Champions:
a. I’ve been deeply involved in the crypto industry for over two years, starting from simple airdrops to now playing an instrumental role in a web3 company, Manuvantara. My work has ranged from in-depth research articles for Hrafiia Editorial to creating motion design content. I’ve actively engaged with various communities, fostering engagement and sharing insights. Here is a link to my portfolio: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

b. I’m passionate about fostering communities, especially within the crypto space. Given my experience and love for engaging with like-minded individuals, I believe I can bring unique value to the KyberSwap community. I’m ready to dedicate no less than 3 hours a day to further its cause and ensure it remains vibrant and informed.

Hope that fits well for your application. Best of luck with your submission to become a KyberSwap Ambassador!

Attracted to the role of Ambassador as a graphic designer is the opportunity to combine creativity and visual design with a larger mission. I believe that design has the power to inspire, communicate messages and help build relationships. As an Ambassador, I can contribute to design strong visual communication to support our goals and values, while continuing to develop my design skills and forge meaningful connections within the community.

The following is a CV attachment that I have made

Name: Michael Marudut
Preferred languages: English and Indonesian

Community champion.

Arbitrum Indonesia — Community Manager

Educator on Video (Indodax Exchange, The largest Exchange in Indonesia)

Hit 13K Views

I am a highly skilled and experienced Community Manager with a proven track record of success in the web3 space. I have 4 years of expertise in crypto terminology and systems, as well as a strong ability to understand and meet clients’ specific needs. My skills in web research, data collection, and mining have helped me to stay updated with the latest developments in the crypto world.

I have a proven ability to build and manage online communities through Discord as a Community Manager and have strong analytical skills in performing fundamental analysis on various cryptocurrencies, trading strategies and Defi (Decentralized Finance) . I am also able to implement solutions to prevent bugs.

My experience in trading crypto, combined with my ability to effectively communicate complex cryptocurrency concepts to a wide range of audiences through storytelling techniques, makes me an ideal candidate for any job in the crypto field.

Achievement :
Increased organic traffic by 100%
Managed blog creation and content
Create Event on Listing on Exchange in Indonesia

Social media profile links :
Twitter -
Linkedin -

Hi guys, just a reminder, we are still recruiting the delegation program and you guys are eligible to apply for this, so you not only have KNC to vote, but also can have extra rewards from this program.

Hello Kyber Team

Benjamin Ntoe
[email protected]

I have gone through your project and I must say I’m impressed, I just commend you and your team for doing such a great job so far.

I am a DeFi enthusiast, a researcher, a social media manager, a community Moderator, collab manager, crypto Ambassador and shimmer.

I have worked with several crypto projects like MantraDao, S-wallet, Derived DVDX, Deip Protocol, Project Hive, Unifarm, OroPocket, Witch Protocol, Secret network, Cosmos Network, Stakewolle, as their brand builder/ ambassador respectively.

I worked as a brand builder for the faculty group in (x8c ) a project marketing agency, created crypto related threads, Create and implement content strategies, campaigns and plans to drive leads, and brand awareness for crypto projects, creating and enhancing market awareness, interacted with communities and help raise awareness on socal media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, Medium, 4chan, YouTube, Telegram, Instagram etc. Provided the team with feedbacks weekly.

I would like to contribute my expertise to the further growth and development of your project. I have a good and communication skills, I can help keep a community busy and active by engaging community members and providing answers to their questions related to the project.

My work time is flexible and professional. I can work with any time zone and the project time zone as well.
I would like to tender my application to your mission and visions project as an ambassador or any role available.

I believe you will find my skills and experience very resourceful to the success of your project.

Links to my social media accounts



Facebook: Beejay Ntoe





Best regards