Application for participation in the KyberSwap ambassador program

Application for participation in the KyberSwap ambassador program
Basic information
How we can contact you: Vladimir
E-mail: [email protected]
What languages do you prefer: Ukrainian, Russian, English
Community champions:
а. We would love to hear about any experiences you have had in building/engaging a community! Please provide the name of the community and your previous work.
Umme, Community Manager, 2022: Developed and implemented a comprehensive community engagement strategy to increase awareness and adoption of the company’s blockchain platform. Collaborated with developers and marketing teams to create engaging content for social media, forums, and other channels. Conducted regular webinars and live broadcasts to inform the community about the company’s blockchain platform and its benefits. Managed relationships with key community leaders and ambassadors, providing them with resources and support to increase adoption.
b. Let us know why you would be a great addition to the KyberSwap community!
I have a deep understanding of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, which allows me to effectively communicate complex concepts to diverse audiences.
My experience in community engagement and management, as well as my ability to build relationships with key stakeholders, will be valuable in increasing the awareness, adoption, and growth of the KyberSwap community.
I am committed to educating and promoting the adoption of blockchain technology that is in line with the goals of the KyberSwap community.
Technical experts/consultants: a. Tell us about your experience with DeFi and what attracts you to the KyberSwap community?
I am actively involved in the DeFi space, researching different projects and understanding their functionality. This experience has given me a deep knowledge of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, which allows me to help the KyberSwap community with my technical knowledge.
I am attracted to the KyberSwap community because of its focus on decentralized finance and innovative solutions in the crypto sphere. I believe in the power of decentralized systems and want to contribute my technical expertise to support the development and growth of KyberSwap.
b. Please share in more detail how your technical skills and experience can help the KyberSwap community.
I have a strong background in computer science, with a bachelor’s degree from Kherson National Technical University. This knowledge allows me to understand the technical aspects of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.
I have experience in developing and implementing community engagement strategies, creating engaging content, and hosting educational webinars. These skills can contribute to the technical aspects of the KyberSwap community, such as explaining complex concepts, supporting users through the startup process, and strengthening the community.
c. We are always looking for ways to improve Can you share your thoughts on the current challenges and opportunities for KyberSwap in the DeFi industry and provide some advice from your perspective?
Challenges: One of the current challenges for KyberSwap in the DeFi industry is competing with other decentralized exchanges. To overcome this, KyberSwap can focus on improving the user experience, enhancing liquidity, and expanding the set of supported tokens to attract more users.
Opportunities: KyberSwap has the ability to further integrate with other DeFi protocols and platforms, which will allow for seamless token exchange and additional value-added services. Collaborations with popular DeFi projects can also help increase the visibility and adoption of KyberSwap.
Recommendations: Introduce a user interface, provide training resources

Hello. You can consider my vacancy for an ambassador. I have experience in cryptocurrency and in creating content. I would be glad to work with your project.