Ambassador of the Arab community

our plan
1- Promoting the project in the Arab community will lead to an increase in the number of people in the official group and Twitter for the currency and for Arabs to know more about the project

2- Answering any questions about the project from anyone, even if he is not an Arab

3- We have a professional team ready to work 24 hours

4- All news of the currency will be translated and all news of the project will be published in the Arab community

5- The spread of the project between the Middle East and Arab regions and the increase in its popularity

6- By creating an Arab community, there will be two advantages

The first → there will be great support for Arabs who have purchased the currency and cannot speak English

The second → those who don’t already know about the currency

7- We will conduct interactive competitions to attract Arab investors and members from all Arab countries and market the currency

8- We can add about 300 active members per month to the Arab community


Sir, you can greatly develop and expand your project after doing this, as the Arab world will know your currency and start investing and working on the currency

are you interested?