Ambassador Program Application | Editor-Creator Content Leader Community Leader

Ambassador Program Application | Editor-Creator Content Leader Community Leader

Good afternoon everyone, this is my application for the Ambassador Program.

My name is Filip, I live in Belgrade, Serbia.And I’m 22 years old, I am passionate about cryptocurrency for more than 3 years, I also lead my publique in Telegram on this topic for 2 years, in these publiques I teach both beginners and experienced cryptans to earn money in crypto, write guides, manuals, tell how to abuze projects, in which Ambassador programs should participate, and in which not. I am a leader of my opinion, I am also good at creating content and editing my own and other people’s content.

I also have my own media agency with advertising projects/ambassador programs where there are currently more than 400 channels and 350 different channel admins.

I will be able to create, guides for beginners, write manuals for beginners how to use cryptocurrency, I will be able to create content on my channel to tell about the project and how it is developing. Create memes in publiki, communicate with the community, look for interesting projects, and tell about them, help in promoting these projects.

Of Importance:

  • I have been running my telegram channels for over 1 year where 1500 views on each post
  • I have my own agency with more than 300 cryptocurrency related Kohl’s.
  • I have a lot of free time and I know what the audience needs as I run my channels and know what and how to attract them.
  • I can advise and invite new ambassadors and advise you.
  • Lots of ideas for development
  • I can promote you on my Telegram channels and Twitter.
  • I will tweet about my personal life and how hard or easy it is to be an ambasador.
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Awesome, I hope you get the role