Application to the KyberSwamp Ambassador program

My name is Egbuna Michael N

My preferred language is English, Spanish and Turkish

I’m applying for the role of Brand Advocate / Thought leader

As a passionate advocate and thought leader in the world of cryptocurrency and Web3, my mission is to promote and educate others about the transformative potential of blockchain technology. With over three and a half years of experience in the crypto space, I have developed a deep understanding of the industry and its nuances.

One of my strengths lies in content creation, where I leverage my creativity to design unique infographics and memes that effectively convey complex information in an easily understandable manner. Additionally, I create detailed tutorial videos to provide comprehensive insights into various cryptocurrency projects that I represent.

I am also skilled in public speaking, and I actively engage in speaking at events, conducting workshops, local meetings, and writing articles and blog posts. These activities allow me to share my knowledge and insights with a wider audience, fostering a deeper understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Furthermore, I am a dedicated community builder, actively participating in platforms like Discord and Telegram. By being available and approachable, I strive to educate others and facilitate meaningful discussions that contribute to a broader adoption and understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Based on my accomplishments in marketing and sales, I have demonstrated the ability to create an exceptional customer retention program and establish a renowned referral system. With this valuable experience, I am highly confident in my capacity to replicate the same level of success at KyberSwamp. By utilizing my extensive network, sales connections, and referral system, my goal is to attract and retain a substantial influx of new, first-time crypto investors, thereby fueling a remarkable growth rate of up to
60 %. Witnessing the remarkable achievements of cryptocurrencies in my local area, I have no doubt that individuals would eagerly embrace the opportunity to engage with KyberSwamp and take advantage of its offerings.

I am proud to have participated in numerous successful crypto influencer jobs, collaborating with various blockchain projects. Through these experiences, I have honed my skills and expanded my knowledge, making me confident in my ability to contribute significantly to the success of KyberSwamp.

Overall, I am an enthusiastic brand advocate, thought leader, and crypto enthusiast dedicated to promoting, educating, and fostering a thriving crypto community. With my skills, experiences, and in-depth knowledge, I am excited to make a meaningful impact on the success of KyberSwamp.

Sample of my work as a content creator

Relevant links

Telegram handle @James88800

Twitter handle @EgbunaO06

Discord EgbunaMichael#7360

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