Application to be KyberSwamp Ambassador program

My name is Michael Ozioma Helen

My preferred languages is English/Igbo/Spanish

Brand Advocate/Thought Leaders

As a Brand Advocate/Thought Leader and an enthusiast of crypto and web3, I promotes and educates others about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, I have been into Crypto for over 3 and half years, allowing me to gain an in-depth understanding of the field , I am a great Content Creator who make use of my unique Designs of infographics and Memes to convey my information to the outside world, for better understanding I create informative Tutorial Videos in full details of any crypto currency project I am representing. I am a good public speaker, I engage fully well in activities such as speaking at events, conducting workshops/local meetings, writing articles and blog posts.
I am also a community builder, I am always available in the community wether Discord or Telegram, to educate others and fostering a deeper understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain.
My previous job was in marketing and sales and i succeeded in building a top-notch customer retention program and world class referral system, with my experience, I can replicate the same success in KyberSwamp by attracting and retaining a lot is new, first time crypto investors and that would help drive growth of up to 40% using my existing contacts, sales network and referral system, crypto currency have been doing wonders in my local area and I know that they’ll be happy to get themselves involved in KyberSwamp.
To be honest not to ring my own bell but, I have participated in several successful crypto influencer jobs involving different blockchain projects. With my skills/experiences and knowledge, I am confident that I can contribute significantly to the Success of KyberSwamp.

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