Application for Ambassador Program | Community Champions Brand Advocates/Thought Leaders

Name: Ezekiel Jonathan

Preferred Language: English

Role: Brand Advocates/Thought Leaders

I am a skilled and experienced brand influencer and Community Manager with a proven track record of success in the web3 ecosystem, my social platform links provided below will attest to that. I have three (3) years of experience, which during this period I have been engaged with content writing, graphics design and community management for various crypto projects, spanning different blockchains and diverse usecase.

I have a strong understanding of crypto terminology and systems, as well as a strong ability to comprehend and satisfy clients unique requirements, with a focus on providing visibility through Content Writing, threads, Infographics, illustrative videos, and memes that show the nitty gritty of the project for wider engagement.

Kyber Network has always been a strong hold for productivity in the Defi space and It’s Versatility to spur growth appear to start with careful planning and swift execution.

It will be a privilege to meet and network with like minds and to familiarize with the entire Kyber ecosystem. I believe Kyber Network is also about promoting the digital Ecosystem. And I have the capacity to move the project to its next level of exposure.

Social media profile links :