Brand advocate/Thought leader Ambassador

My name is Grace Michael, and English is my native language for communication.

I believe I would excel as a brand advocate/thought leader for Kyber. This role aligns with expanding Kyber’s reach and aiding in image/brand management, crucial for perception and product acceptance. Although Kyber has managed user expectations well amidst the recent liquidity pool exploitation, I feel additional voices can enhance its efforts. My expertise lies in simplifying complex technical processes for the community, ensuring inclusivity.

With over 4 years of DeFi experience, I actively use the Kyber protocol, recently participating in the Linea/Interact DeFi voyage campaign. I’ve contributed to various projects, notably coordinating regional communities and organizing events for Solcial, significantly boosting community growth. Additionally, as a research writer for BridgeNetwork, I focus on Web3 development trends for platform enhancement. Currently, I serve as an ambassador for MetisDAO, creating diverse content like infographics, articles, tweets, threads, and audiovisual material to simplify blockchain concepts, educating the community and attracting newcomers.