Application for KyberSwap Ambassador program

Name: Uwem Ubom

Preferred Languages: English, West African Pidgin English and Yoruba.

ROLE: Brand Advocate/thought leader

Medium: Uwem Ubom – Medium
Facebook: Uwem Ubom
Instagram: @uwem_ubom.

EXPERIENCE: I am a versatile content creator. Proficient in video creation and designing. I create engaging content for social media thus helping to boost publicity and community growth.

I help spread awareness, build confidence and set precedents that helps push a project to reach its full potential as an ambassador in the space. I also help to accelerate adoption through educating the community and the public about the project via engaging, informative and insightful content in the form of videos, blogs, graphic designs and other means using the following skills : Social media promotion, event coordination, community Moderation and diverse content creation
Being a content creator (Video + Articles + Graphics + Memes).
Some of the projects I have participated in are PersistenceOne, Infomatix, MatrixAINetwork, Epik Protocol, MantraDao and Renec Blockchain.
During my time in these projects, I was awarded top 10 article writer, top 10 Twitter promoter and helped along with the team of Ambassadors to make the project token top traded on Coinmarketcap.

I am a creative crypto enthusiast with a passion for growing and promoting promising projects.
I derive so much joy in educating a wider audience about crypto and its potentials knowing fully well that the space offers so much opportunities .
I have 3+ years of experience in growing communities and promoting projects in different chains which has been fun and enlightening.
My experience has helped me become a better brand ambassador.

INSPIRATION: I got into the Crypto space in 2020 through my friend and Sister reluctantly since I was still in school, but I became fascinated by Blockchain and the crypto space.
I got to experience the ease and wide opportunity that was contained in the space. I was inspired by how Blockchain and crypto was able to change lives financially and create a wide range of innovations.
Sadly less than 30% of the world population is either into crypto or using it as a mode of payment and this is very disheartening considering the great innovation and potential of cryptocurrencies in the world.
My aim as an Ambassador is to help as much people on my end to see these opportunities and ape into them.

Blockchain and Crypto were founded on Decentralization but the crypto space is not really decentralized as it should be. That is why I am inspired by DEXes and how they maintain decentralization.
I am fascinated by KyberSwap Dapps as it both decentralized and allows users to take advantage of the KyberSwap’s rich aggregator to swap with the best rates. It provides massive crypto liquidity with high returns on liquidity pools.

I will be honored to represent KyberSwap as an Ambassador and with my experience, skills and passion, I believe I will be a great addition to the project.