Ambassador Application By Imo Ben

Hello KyberSwap Team!

My name is Imo Ben. I’m a fluent English speaker, experienced community manager and creative content developer. I have an outstanding record on all the opportunities web3 brings with my personal growth in the industry. I am interested in working for your project as an advocate for the brand.

I would love to be part of this industry because I would love to see KyberSwap grow more prowess as a decentralized exchange aggregator, while sustaining its aims which is providing traders with the best token prices by analyzing rates across thousands of exchanges. I have been an engaging member of your community and I have studied the project’s ecosystem overtime which keeps me ahead of others.

With over three (3) years of experience, I aim to leverage a proven knowledge of broadcast media, advertising communication, brand management and community moderation skills to successfully fill in as a potential brand advocate for your Project.

I have demonstrated experience in managing a crypto community , as well promoting blockchain projects. The demonstrated experience includes but not limited to:

  • Knowledge and experience in detecting and mitigating spam and other online


  • Phenomenal decision-making skills and eye for detail.
  • Ability to review sensitive and potentially disturbing content including but not limited to

vulgar language, violent or hateful speech, indecent and other graphic images.

  • Excellent written and oral communications abilities.
  • Versed with knowledge and experience on how to manage large

audiences and grow online communities.

  • Brainstorming ideas for partnerships and strategic direction in marketing efforts.

I would also:

  • Help plan and implement social media campaigns that align with your organization’s

marketing strategies

-Work closely with the marketing and PR teams to ensure brand consistency

  • Build relationships with members of your community.
  • Assist increase brand awareness
  • Gather ideas and feedback from community members through real conversation, know about what they want, need and expect, build the needed relationship with members

I have been in the Cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem since 2017. During this period I have been engaged with content creation activities for various Cryptocurrency projects spanning

different blockchains and diverse use cases. I am also a social media manager with focus on providing visibility through content for crypto related projects.

I enjoy sharing knowledge about Cryptocurrency within my local community which I have been

doing since I got into the crypto ecosystem. I could as well handle queries of the community especially at odd hours

I have gained experience, having worked for Covalent HQ, DeFiDollar, Dinox Project, EquilibriumDeFi, Helo Coin, GenshiroDeFi, Brokoli Network, Plutos Network, Forthbox and many other projects as their community manager, moderator or Content creator where I leverage my skills and experience. As manager, I always keep their community groups very engaging with conversations related to the project, hosting review sessions and sharing project related contents. I also created a regional community for these projects which led to various events I hosted to push up their visibility and advocate for their relevance in the blockchain space.

You could as well access my social media handles to see contents I created for various projects I work for, as I’d be making out time to also create contents for your project.



Facebook: Favour Richard

Youtube: Swift Riser - YouTube



Medium: Medium

Here’s my resume:

Google Drive file.

I am really hopeful that my application would scale through and I am anticipating your swift response. Thank you.