Community Champions

a. Indeed, I am excited to be applying in this space. The world of crypto is large and I’m looking to tap into it. Five years of experience in blockchain and online engagement, I firmly believe in the power of strong communities to effect positive change. I am passionate about creating and sustaining meaningful relationships with any given community, business proposals or offers in order to foster a sense of civic pride. I have an obvious track record of success in community engagement as seen from my resume attached in the link below. I have successfully launched and managed multiple campaigns that have increased resident and business participation, not just partaking to this space but offline contracts as well. I have also successfully increased membership in my association with these firms by 20%. I am confident that I have the skills and experience to be something else I call “Community Manager” but most likely fit into your Ambassador Program.
Currently Binance’s NFT Feedback Officer
Ambassador for BitSong & Stably.
Community Manager for a couple firms in the past and currently: Klick Gaming Guild.

b. Based on the information I’ve provided, I believe I would make a great KyberSwap ambassador. With my deep understanding of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, as well as my passion for the DeFi space, I can contribute valuable insights and engage in meaningful discussions with the community. My experience in marketing and community management can also be leveraged to promote KyberSwap and enhance engagement with its user base. Furthermore, my strong network of connections in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries could help expand KyberSwap’s reach and impact. I am enthusiastic about KyberSwap’s mission and am committed to making a positive impact in the community, which I believe makes me a strong candidate for the ambassador program.

My Portfolio (Linkedin more updated) —