Application for the position of Ambassador at Kyberswap

My name is Ahmad Umar, I am a trailblazer with substantial expertise, resilience and reliability as well as outstanding cutting-edge skills. In addition to being a bright and motivated individual, I am a dynamic, enthusiastic, self motivated and talented individual with over 3 years experience as a successful community manager, guerilla marketing manager and discord expert for top crypto projects.

In addition, I am a fully-fledged community manager that is prepared to perform marvelously in any given atmosphere, while also employing my initiatives and skills to accentuate, develop and enhance the growth of the online presence of any crypto project.

With my experience in the crypto and DeFi space, I am confident I’ll deliver as an Ambassador at Kyberswap. I am fit for this role and I would be looking forward to hearing from the team.

My LinkedIn profile:

My Resume: Ahmad Umar Yeruwa – Community Manager ·

Best regards,