Community Ambassador Application for KyberSwap

My name is Precious Asuquo and I’m a web3 enthusiast, copywritter, freelancer, shiller, social media content creator and infographic designer.

I speak and understand English fluently.

I am applying as a brand advocate/ Thought leader to be a Kyberswap ambasador.

My social handles are;




Medium: CallmePreshy – Medium

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @Queen_sea1

Discord username: QueenSea#4554

I have been in the Crypto space for 3 years and i enjoy working with Crypto, Defi and blockchain projects to expand my skills and contribute to the growth of the network.

I believe that every project needs people who can represent them authentically. With my experience in the Web3 space, I can create contents to portray the originality and uniqueness of KyberSwap.

Dapps like Kyberswap remind me that DeFi in Web3 can be seamless and maintain inclusivity despite its vastness. An amazing feature of KyberSwap as a DEX is the cross-chain interoperability which is amazing in this new age of trading.

I’m really excited to be a part of this project and I’m looking forward to a positive response.

Thank you!