Kyberswap Ambassador Program application

My name is JAMES AKPAN.
My preferred language is English language.
I am writing to apply for kyberSwap community champion Ambassador role.

I seek challenging opportunities where I can fully use my skills for the success of the projects. I have worked with various projects in the past and present. Using my skills to build projects and making them acceptable in my region and expanding their reach. I am a passionate person and always looking for ways to go about spreading brand awareness. I have worked with s-wallet, Exeedme, Gamefi Protocol, Fancy bears Metaverse (FBM), Plutos Network, wolves ambassador, Exeno finance, TCL and Rand.
Having gone through and reading about kyberSwap project, I believe it has the potential to become a massive success, so I am hoping to be part of this great team.
I am an active person on social media and have been following the crypto space & Blockchain news and trends constantly on a daily, i will use my experience to create content (articles, graphics etc) to promote the project on every platform available.
I have amazing skills in video editing, I regularly engage with the community members on my social media accounts, I attend to questions and give prompt solutions to problems. I can create memes, GIFs and infographics to support the project.