Application for the position of a Brand Advocate for Kyberswap Ambassador Program

Name: Ezekiel Davies
Preferred languages: English

Brand Advocate

In late 2020, I began working on several crypto projects. I was hired as a brand builder and chat moderator for Afen blockchain, An African Nft project. I create content, write crypto-related threads for clients’ projects, interact with communities (moderating the community), and help raise awareness on social media platforms. I provided feedback to the team every week.
i have worked as, content creator and Chat moderator for diverse crypto projects.

In my role as a promoter with @LuxeCryptoOfficial an American YouTube influencer, with over 68k viewers and a marketer in samuraiRBXS marketing team, core team Ambassador of WAM Gaming Project, ambassador of AlchemyPay, Exenofinance and many more, I am sure of my capabilities to handle the position of a content creator.
Also, I collaborated with cross-functional teams, such as marketing, sales, and product development to create new competitive concept proposals that generated 20% more business than previous company bests.

I will love to use my skills to work with the integral team,I look forward to speaking with you next to discuss how my skills in negotiation, my knowledge of design and skills in marketing could be of help.

Here is are links to my portfolio: Portfolio - Google Docs

Social media profile links : Instagram:
Facebook: Redirecting...
Medium: Edavmaozi – Medium