Application for the role of a Brand Advocate in KyberSwap

Name; June Ihuoma Agbam
Preferred Language; English

My links :link:


About Me

I am an experienced Web3 brand advocate/ambassador with over 3 years of experience, lending a voice in the form of writing to Web3 projects.

I am currently looking for higher highs to challenge my skills, gain more experience, and learn as a content writer creating brand awareness for Web3 projects. [Examples](, )

I should be called to be an ambassador for KyberSwap because I possess exceptional writing skills, a deep understanding of DeFi and Web3, and a proven ability to work great with people and fellow ambassadors. I have a strong communication abilities, strategic mindset, and passion for Web3 which make me an ideal candidate to represent KyberSwap on social media and in my region.

This is a copy of my resume,

Thanks for your consideration, I’ll be waiting for a response.