Create an account for Kyber DAO on to find new contributors

What is — the platform that helps DAO and contributors learn about each other, get noticed, find out the latest news and proposals, contribute and influence the industry.

Benefits of Tr3butor for DAO:
— a product made from DAO to DAO;
— focus on attracting experienced tr3butors;
— maximum focus on creating useful content on people management for DAO and templates for creating vacancies, events, bounties, and other opportunities.

In the future:
— the opportunity to watch the proven on-chain experience and reputation of contributors;
— the ability to directly pay contributors for work through our platform;
— the ability to integrate the Tr3butor with other DAO tooling, such as commonwealth, snapshot, sablier, etc.

What are the opportunities for Kyber DAO on the platform?

— create your page dedicated for future contributors with all the details of cooperation with Kyber DAO and all the opportunities;
— publication of features according to a convenient template - full-time jobs, gigs, grants, events, hackathons, bounties, etc.
— publishing content for contributors and other DAOs - best practices, cases, checklists, and work algorithms.

The current state of the project and roadmap:
— the Tr3butor was launched a little less than a month ago, now we have actively begun to maintain social networks and collect a database of DAO and open opportunities;
— assembled technical and marketing team and went to hackathon;
— signed more than 10 DAOs for cooperation and are not going to stop.

To create a page for Kyber DAO on Tr3butor, we need to get answers to the following questions:
— What are your mission and current challenges?
— What are your culture and values?
— Who is in the core team of the Kyber DAO?
— Why it is a great place to contribute?
— What benefits do your contributors get?
— What kind of opportunities do you want to share with tr3butors?

Now questions to the respected community:
— Do you think it would be useful for Kyber DAO to be a part of the Tr3butor?
— Who from the team should we talk to to get answers to our questions?
— What features/capabilities would you like to see in our project to be even more useful to the community?

Hey wait what’s this project about? Sounds interesting but can you share more about it? So far this Tr3butor thing sounds a lot like a networking platform so how exactly would this benefit us at KyberDAO? Will we be able to utilize the platform for staking with hopefully cheaper gas fees? I feel that the biggest problem we face now at KyderDAO are the high gas fees when trying to vote. Because of this a lot of us (myself included) delegate our votes to third party platforms but I feel that delegating makes us less involved and invested in the voting process.
This Tr3butor is an interesting concept but it’s very new. What drove the demand to create this? Can you share which other DAOs have already signed up or considering to sign up?