KIP-9: KyberDMM Expansion and Liquidity Mining on Polygon [APPROVED]


:white_small_square: Deploy Kyber DMM on Polygon, with a portion of trading fees generated on Polygon going to @KyberDAO.

:white_small_square:6% of the Ecosystem Growth Fund (approximately 2.52M KNC) to be used as incentives to bootstrap liquidity and adoption on the Polygon-deployed Kyber DMM

:white_small_square: KIP-9 is now open for voting on @KyberDAO, lasting 7 days. Only users who had staked New KNC in the previous Epoch are able to vote.

Voting Page:

Learn more: KIPs/ at master · KyberNetwork/KIPs · GitHub
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Excelent news! I love how Polygon is working. I think this is a huge bump for Kyber.

I congratulate the team for moving to polygon! I urge the team to move kyberDAO as well to polygon, so small hodlers can vote directly, and not be at the mercy of proxies.

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Hi, dose anyone know how to stake matic and KNC in the new rainmaker for new incentives and rewards offered due to the new integration?

Starting June 30th, you will be able to get rewards based on the pools you provide liquidity to. You will be able to provide liquidity to the Kyber DMM on the Eth network or Polygon/Matic network. If you want to provide liquidity on the Polygon/Matic network, you will first have to use the matic bridge to move your tokens from the Eth network to the Polygon/Matic network.