Joint Liquidity Mining on Polygon with Pegaxy (PGX Token) on KyberDMM

Project Introduction:
Pegaxy is a play-to-earn PVP style horse racing game built on the Polygon Chain, where players compete for top 3 placement against 11 other racers. The platform contains two types of token, one being the governance token (PGX) and the other being the utility token (VIS), similar to what is seen in Axie Infinity.

Proposal Summary, Motivation and Key Details:
Pegaxy is proposing a joint liquidity mining program with Kyber to help improve liquidity for the PGX token on KyberDMM protocol.

During the campaign period, liquidity providers who add liquidity (deposit tokens) on the eligible PGX-USDT pool will receive LP tokens that can be staked on the Yield page for additional PGX and KNC token rewards. As part of the campaign launch, there will also be joint marketing efforts with Kyber Network.

Pegaxy is an ideal candidate for Rainmaker Liquidity Mining on KyberDMM.

Key reasons:
Pegaxy has been able to capture great support from the likes of, Kyber Network, Polygon and Kyros Ventures to name a few, and is launching at an extremely hot time in the Play-to-Earn gaming space.

We believe we will be able to capture a very large audience and bring massive amounts of awareness to the Kyber ecosystem, specifically KyberDMM. Once our marketing efforts commence (Week 1-2 of October), it will be clear to see that we are a genuine contender for the 2nd largest Play-to-Earn game of 2021.

KNC Amount Requested

  • $100,000.00 USD in KNC

Amount of Tokens Contributed by your Project:

  • $100,000.00 USD in PGX


  • Polygon

Token pair option:

  • USDT


  • 14 days vesting

Campaign start date and duration:

  • 2 months

Project details:


Awesome! seem like the team has good backers with experience member on gaming development. hope u guys go fast.
anw it looks like the very first project on Polygon that launching on Kyber. Good collaboration. :smiley:


really like the team and the art. Lots of thoughts and hardwork being put in at first sights. Excited for this proposal!


This could be a good collaboration. There’s only 1 active Polygon LM on the KyberDMM now so I think there should be more. Not so sure about this Pegaxy project tho, they seem very new and their community hasn’t really been built up yet so I’m not sure how beneficial this joint LM would be.
But I do think this project has an interesting premise and would be worth considering to add to the Rainmaker program.


I’ve been very supportive of the joint LMs proposed so far, but this time I will have to say no.
There’s been too many joint LMs with niche tokens that are not widely held and the staked TVL for those pools are quite low. Doesn’t this indicate that there’s not a lot of ppl farming those pools? I’m not sure how much that’s benefits liquidity.
I understand that these joint proposals are supposed to benefit both projects and maybe drive adoption for the lesser-known or newer tokens, but I’m starting to think its a waste of the Ecosystem fund. What’s the point of contributing KNC rewards and increasing liquidity on the DMM for tokens are that barely used?
I just think at this point it would more beneficial to have joint pools with tokens that are stronger and more widely held, like UNI, FTT, CAKE, etc.


I support this proposal! Looks like a really cool project and I like your design sense :sunglasses:

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I hope this will happen. I really love Pegaxy . They have solid team and solid investors.

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it’s seems to be really exciting and i love the art and it gameplay!

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It’s a very exciting project and the game itself was very creative and have a hard working team. Go pegaxy!

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This game is promising and I love to be part of this game. Hoping of its success. Go Peganatics :heart:

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This Pegaxy is really great. I see this as a rising star which can dominate the P2E industry in the future. The team is composed of experts, hard working, and really amazing people! No wonder they got the big investors like, Kyber Ventures, Shima Capital and more. The game is very promising like no joke- the renting system is insane and I can say - better than Axie Infinity since even the smallest players can start without begging a manager. So SOLID!

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Very nice project with high potential. Its team are also approchable and transparent loved to see how this project goes

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Pegaxy has learned from the best and put their own unique twist and innovated with a lot of new exciting systems and features that differentiates them from their competitors - the whitepaper does a really good job at outlining said features, and giving us sneak peaks of user friendly and new, fun aspects of their Play-To-Earn game. Their artists and developers are beyond talented, and I for one would not like to miss out on this opportunity. I hope you consider their proposal, our community would be ever so grateful.

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This is honestly a good collaboration because Pegaxy is one of the best upcoming nft games in 2021 and i believe that it will be one of the best games next year. This would not just benefit both parties but also the players and based from what i see, the Pegaxy community are looking strong and no signs of slowing down. Pegaxy also has great backers to further solidify its position in the NFT gaming scene. I hope this goes through :slight_smile:

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Great team and project. Very good investors and ofcourse great community

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Pegaxy best project!

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looking forward for this proposal


Pegaxy is a fast-growing play-to-earn NFT game and it isn’t just about P2E, but it also has one of the best community there is. You can never go wrong with a game that treats it’s community as family. And you can expect them to fully back-up Pegaxy every step of the way. Kudos to the team behind Pegaxy and let us continue to grow and RACE to the top together!

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I’ve read the whitepaper of Pegaxy and I just kept falling in love as I go deeper to their tokenomics. Honestly this project is not as different as Axie Infinity. And we all know what happen to Axie. No doubt that this project is going to be massive! especially with sidechain like Polygon. Fast token swapping and deep liquidity is needed for us future players (Pega Riders) if I may say is all we want. just imagine those fees generated by my future scholars.

Looking forward for Kyber Liquidity soon. More power to Pegaxy!

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Pegaxy is expected to become the second Axie infinity with art, gameplay, and builder team.
I will be the first player. No doubt anymore

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