KyberDMM Bridge

With the announcement of the arrival of KyberDMM to Fantom I began to dream about this idea.

I know is not the main focus of DMM right now but having liquidity exposure in 5 main networks I think it will be the natural outcome sooner or later to have a KyberDMM Bridge.

I’m not know the technical details about this, maybe it is not possible to do at all :frowning:. But I can imagine it will be great for KyberDMM users to move funds from one network to another looking for farming deals without leaving KyberDMM at all. Right now I’m doin this removing my funds from DMM and using external tools paying the respective fees. It would be great if Kyber could keep these fees.

Maybe you can start only with KNC tokens, and slowly add an stable coin and more tokens. I think this can bring a lot more users to DMM.


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