Application for Brand Advocate/Thought leader

Name: David Emmatwice/Kleverdee
Preferred language: English

I write to apply for the role of a Brand Advocate/Thought leader, as this job category meets the required skill sets I possess and have experience on.

Discord: Ironside™#5319
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @Davidtwice
Medium: David Emmanuel – Medium

The opportunity to work with projects like Starcoin, Dexe Network, MADmetaverse, Injective, Polkadot, and Moonbeam has given me the edge to thrive in any Web3 or crypto related environment with the much needed expertise to push and help grow projects through user targeted contents ranging from medium articles, twitter threads, infographics, project related videos, memes, translations of blog articles etc. In turn, bringing in the right type of audience and potential investors.

Why KyberSwap?
Having worked with various projects, it is worthy to note that the KyberSwap project is a project that embeds in its platform the true purpose of DeFi by making it safe, accessible and rewarding for its users; core factors that guarantees the much needed transparency and reliability for encouraged participation, also, the interoperability of the DEX across multiple chains is next level for traders and users. It is safe to say the overall concept of decentralization is the backbone on which KyberSwap is built on. This is a very interesting project I will definitely love to contribute to with my skills and experiences.

Thanks in advance for the opportunity of being a part of this amazing project. I will be more than honored to get a positive feedback from the KyberSwap team.