Application to join the KyberSwap team as a Brand Advocate/Thought Leader

Hello, I’m Love

My preferred language is English.

I’d love to join the KyberSwap team as a Brand Advocate/Thought Leader if you would have me.

Links to my social media profiles;


Medium: Love Owokere – Medium

Linked In:

Discord: Lady Tempestt#5731

Telegram: @Tempestt5

:small_blue_diamond:I’m a blockchain enthusiast. With more than two years of extensive experience in digital marketing, I am fully skilled in different factors of the role. I have built up my experience with several blockchain projects like Covalent HQ, GrizzlyFi, Waves protocol, Oasis Network, AirDAO, and a host of others throughout the years, and have proved numerous times that I am an effective leader possessing excellent skills.
I am diligent and committed to delivering good results.

:small_blue_diamond:I love the art of Decentralized Finance.
DeFi has made financial transactions faster, cheaper, and generally more efficient. It gives power to everyday people without the interference of a middleman or some centralized platform.
Rather than having all the money in one centralized place, it comes from the people like me that are using the platform. Instead of the banks, I get to receive all the fees and therefore can easily make money with my money.

:small_blue_diamond:My inspiration from dApps such as KyberSwap is the fact that they always offer a better execution price than a single DEX as they ensure a high degree of liquidity by having access to multiple DEXs at once making them an excellent platform for traders and crypto investors worldwide.