Application to become KyberSwap Brand Advocate

My name is Prince Omobee. I’m fluent in English language and would prefer our chat to be in English.

I’d like to join KyberSwap marketing team as a Brand Advocate.

I’m a DeFi expert, KOL, and content creator. I research alphas and write about promising crypto project to the simplest form that anyone can understand.

Here are my socials:
Medium: Prince Omobee – Medium
Youtube: Prince_omobee - YouTube

I’ve been in the crypto space for about 2 years researching, trading, sharing my thoughts and creating buzz for DeFi projects. I’ve also managed chat communities and social media accounts for DeFi projects, thanks to my knowledge of the space. Some projects I’ve represented/managed include Metis network, Netswap, Plutus network, BlueMove NFT marketplace, Nuvo, Tidal Global etc.

I’m a DeFi maxi. I came into the crypto space because I wanted to take custody of my finances and decide how I invested them away from the poor deals of traditional banks, and since then I have never regretted that decision. Hence, I took up the responsibility to join spread the awareness of blockchain and DeFi, and with my knowledge, I believe I can be a key advocate to continue spreading the awareness and possibilities of DeFi through KyberSwap.

Looking to hear from you soon! Let’s build.

Interesting to see your experience Omobee. Talk soon

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Thank you Imran. I look forward to it.

Hi @Prince_Omobee I sent you the inbox to follow up the process. Kindly take a moment to review the messages when you have a chance. Thanks :handshake:

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